These are the essential things that we do, to grow the church, and that makes us Vineyard. They are the characteristics that identify us as part of the same family.

Our Vision


                    Pursuing Christ, His Church and His Cause

                               Extending God’s Kingdom together, everywhere in every way.



At Bognor Vineyard we are trying to create the kind of place where you feel comfortable enough to explore what God is all about and decide for yourself. Our aim is to:

Pursuing Christ, His Church and His Cause

  • Worship a great God in a relaxed and contemporary style.
  • Express our love and thanks to Father God and be aware of our ongoing need of His help.
  • Teach the truths of the Bible in a clear, relevant way.
  • To become like a family with the purpose of making a positive difference in our community.
  • See Jesus being part of our everyday life, not just on Sundays!

Extending God's Kingdom together, everywhere in every way

  • Share the Good News practically with all who will listen.
  • See the power of God working in our lives and in the community in which we live.
  • Look at what the Bible says about everyday issues and learn how to apply this in our own situations.
  • Be inclusive and welcoming to everyone.
  • Show God's mercy constantly to people in a practical way without any conditions attached.
  • See “What the Father is doing” (John 5.19) and join Him in doing it.
  • See the Holy Spirit move in power as we pray for people for healing and freedom in their lives.
  • See more and more people enjoying the fruits of the Kingdom.



We are affiliated to Vineyard Churches UK and Ireland. For more information see

Vineyard Genetic Code:

At a Vineyard pastors' conference, John Wimber taught on ten areas of ministry that are essential to any Vineyard Christian Fellowship. He stated that he would expect to see all of these characteristics of ministry in any Vineyard Church that he might visit. This was named the Vineyard Genetic Code because it is made up of the common denominators that make us a family:

  • Clear, accurate Biblical teaching.
  • Praise and worship, in the freedom of the Spirit.
  • Gifts of the Spirit in operation.
  • Active small group ministry.
  • Ministry to the poor, widows, orphans and those who are broken.
  • Physical healing with special emphasis on signs and wonders.
  • Commitment to missions - church planting at home, world missions abroad.
  • Unity within the whole Body of Christ - relationship with other local churches.
  • Evangelistic outreach.
  • Equipping the saints in areas such as discipleship, ministry, serving, giving, finances and family.